Whether you like white, milk, or dark chocolate, Candy Empire has you covered. Candy Empire brings you the best chocolate brands from around the world, including hard-to-find products from well-loved brands.

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**Due to popularity and supply issues, some products may not be available at times. Availability of stock and selection also vary from store to store*

Anthon Berg

Chocolate Liqueurs

Dark chocolate (min. 55% cocoa) with genuine spirits in liquid centres, 235g

Sweet Moments (Out of Stock)

Chocolate Truffles with Nougat 157g; Milk Chocolate Truffles 162g; Truffle Collection 450g

bouchard (Out of stock)

Dark Chocolate Neapolitains

Available flavours: Dark 72%, Dark Mint, Dark Orange 

Pouch 150g

Tub 500g

carletti (Out of stock)

Fancy Chocolates

Crispy Dark Chocolate Sticks 75g - Available in Orange and Mint flavours

Chocolate Delight 62g -Available in Double Delight (dark and milk chocolates) and Hazelnut Delight (whole hazelnuts in milk and dark chocolate)

Chocolate Pretzels 75g - Available in Dark and Milk chocolates

Jakobsen Chocolate (out of stock)

Jakobsen Chocolate Mints
Jakobsen Chocolate Strawberry 

Single Flavoured Soft-centred Chocolates 140g - Individually wrapped dark pralines with Mint or Strawberry creme centres

Jakobsen Chocolate Collection

Assorted Flavours Chocolate Collection 140g or 400g tin box - Individually wrapped milk and dark pralines, with caramel, mint, cherry and nougat centres

Jakobsen Chocolate Selection

Chocolate Selection 225g - Milk, dark and white chocolates with marzipan, caramel and nougat centres

chocolatier (out of stock)

Pure Indulgence

Dark Chocolate Assortment 175g and Chocolate Assortment 175g

Assorted Truffles

Assorted Truffles 150g

Chocolate Selection

Dark Chocolate Selection 140g and Signature Chocolate Selection 140g

Chocolate Assortment Mini Box (OUT OF STOCK)

Chocolate Assortment Mini Box 40g

Gourmet Collection

Milk, Dark and White Chocolates 200g

Milk & Dark Chocolates (OUT OF STOCK)

Dark Chocolates 126g and Milk & Dark Chocolates 126g



Almond & Hazelnut 125g; Espresso & Caramel 125g

Tiraminelli and Orangetti

Tiramisu Confect 83g; Orange Confect 83g

Hearts For you

 Pralinetti Hearts for you 25pcs

Pralinetti Hearts for you 25pcs




Ferrero Yogurette 10 individually wrapped bars 125g

Rocher T30 

Mon Cheri T10 - Dark chocolates with cherry liqueur centres

Pocket Coffee T18 - Dark chocolates with liquid espresso centres (OUT OF STOCK)


Kinder Bueno x6

Bueno Maxi

Bueno Maxi T2 x 8

Kinder Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo Cacao Cream

Kinder Schoko-Bons

Schoko-Bons 200g

Surprise Eggs

Surprise Eggs T4 & T5


Chocolate Bars

Original Praliné 35g, Dark 72% 100g, Milk & Hazelnut 100g

Sea Shells and Sea Horses

Sea Shells Hazelnut Original Praliné 250g, 125g and 33g

Dark Praliné - Dark chocolate sea horses, 168g

Sea Horses Crunchy Biscuits 140g (only available at airport outlets), Sea Horses Milk Truffle 140g

Guylian's Temptations Pouch  244g - Assortment of Sea Horses Original Praliné, Dark Praliné and Milk Truffle, individually wrapped

Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Pouch

Guylian's Artisanal Belgian Chocolates Pouch 150g - Cranberries, Blueberries, Raisins


Deluxe Assortment 174g - A fine selection of Guylian's chocolate creations: Sea Horse Hazelnut Original Praliné, Perlines truffles and Opus assortment


La Trufflina - Milk, dark and white chocolate trruffles, 180g and 90g

Perlines 180g and 90g - Hazelnut Praliné and milk chocolate truffles enrobed with fine milk, dark or white chocolate

Cocoa Dusted Truffles 200g, 23 pcs

Gift Wrapped Ballotins

Sea Shells Hazelnut Original Praliné 125g, 250g and 500g

La Trufflina - Milk, dark and white chocolate trruffles, 180g


Chocolate Bars 

Dark Chocolate 77% Classic/ Orange/ Blackberry/Mango Chilli, Dark Chocolate 88% Classic; Milk Chocolate, 100g

Chocolate Longs 

Dark Chocolate 77% Classic Stick 37g

Dark Chocolate Selection

An assortment of dark chocolate 77%  sticks, leaves and neapolitains, 160g

Prasent Gift Ribbon Box

Exquisite selection of milk and dark pralines and chocolates, 250g


Pralines Milk Chocolate 300g
Available flavours: Milk and Cream Cereals, Hazelnut and Cereals

Praline's Cake Edition 148g
Available flavours: Raspberry and Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Cheesecake


Chocolate Honeycomb

Choc Honeycomb 200g and 400g; Dark Choc Honeycomb 200g and 400g; MiniChoc Honeycomb 150g


Pergale is an Lithuania chocolate maker with over 60 years of experience. Each year, they introduce new products to the market, yet stay true to their award-winning quality and original recipes.

Available flavours: Gourmet Dessert, Strawberries & Cream, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cherry & Berry

Ritter sport

100g Variety - Strawberry Yoghurt / Raisins Hazelnuts / Cocoa Mousse / Butter Biscuit / Espresso / Fine-Extra Dark Chocolate


Mini Chocolate Mix

Ritter Sport Mini Chocolate Mix, that's a kid-hearted offer: there's something for everyone in the pack.
Hazelnuts, Marzipan, Praline, Cornflakes, Yoghurt, Milk Chocolate and Butter Biscuit.


Choco Cubes


Terry's Chocolate Orange 3x35g


Mini Slabs

Mini Slabs 50g
Available flavours: Peanut Slab / Almond Gold


Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks

Chocolate Blocks 250g
Available Flavours: Smooth White Chocolate / Cocoa Creamy Milk / Berry & Biscuit / Almond Gold / Kiwi Fruit / Rum & Raisin / Fruit & Nut / Dark Block