Comfort food costumes for Halloween

Don't know what to dress up as this Halloween? Simply think of what are some of your favourite comfort foods! It is very easy to do up your outfit once you identify what comfort food you want to be. Every outfit screams adorable. Here are some examples! 

1. Bubble Tea

Look like your favourite bubble tea in this effortless get-up. The pearls and huge bubble tea straw make the point in this one! 

2. S'mores 

Dress up your kiddo in this adorable s'mores outfit made out of a cardboard, or you could turn up as a family with each member representing marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate! Picture perfect.

3. Tea Bag

Cannot live without tea? Then turn up for that halloween party in your pre-tea outfit! 

4. Salmon Sashimi

This definitely goes on to our list of comfort foods! Dressing up as a salmon sashimi definitely is easy with this one - you'll just need a salmon-coloured maxi dress and a white fabric marker! The white pillow is a plus - transforms you instantly into a sushi! 

We'd love to hear from you if you have any food costume ideas - leave a comment down below!